Baked Sweet Potato Fries: Welcoming the Fall!

IMG_20150923_080112 Fall is finally here! I thought I’d celebrate it with sweet potatoes for lunch.

Fall has a tendency to dry our bodies out. You can observe this in the crispness of the air, and the general “drying out” of leaves and plants. This can manifest on the surface as dry mouth, nose, hair, and skin. Sweet potato is a great addition to your plate because it builds up the body’s yin fluids to moisten the tissues of your body.

The organs associated with fall are the lung and the large intestine, and the sweet potato assists both organs in functioning properly. Its yin fluid helps keep the lung moist, which in turn can disperse moisture throughout the skin and body surface. Its fibre provides bulk to help promote bowel movements and evacuate the large intestine.

Sweet potato also nurtures the earth element, which helps us feel nourished and centred.


3 sweet potatoes, cut into strips: Benefits lung, colon, and spleen
3 tbsp grapeseed oil- Moistens the bowels
1 tsp Paprika- pungent, moves the qi
1 pinch of Salt- helps retain moisture in the tissues
Black pepper- pungent, moves the qi
1 minced clove of Garlic- pungent, moves the qi, protects body from colds
1 tsp rosemary (optional)- helps to move stagnant food, helps qi ascend
1. Mix oil and spices together
2. Drizzle spiced oil onto potato strips
3. Mix with hands to ensure that each strip is coated with oil
4. Place strips on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, careful to space them apart evenly. This will help them become more crisp.
5. Bake at 450 F for 16-20 mins on the middle rack. Thicker fries need more time, thinner fries need less.IMG_20150923_074438Enjoy!


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