How does the “Organ Clock” affect you?

Hi! This is a special midweek post on something I thought might interest you: The concept of the Chinese “Organ Clock”.

I was born at 9 am, and according the the tcm organ clock, that is the start of “Spleen” time.  Understanding this organ and its associations is very important to understand my body’s uniqueness.

Image sourced from
Image sourced from

This is the Chinese medicine “organ clock”. Every two hours, there is a specific organ than governs that time. This is because the body’s qi energy is concentrated at a different organ at specific 2 hour intervals throughout the day. Take a look at the clock above and look for the time of your birth. This is one way you can distinguish your own “root” energy, which is the energy that fundamentally influences that way that you are.

Each organ has a set of characteristics. For example, 9 am-11am (when I was born) is the Spleen time.So According to Chinese Medicine, being born at this time has a distinct influence on my body and personality.

Analyzing Spleen time:

Its element is Earth: Earth types are the “mother” archetype, with a tendency to take care of others. Maybe even a little too much.

The sense organ is the Mouth: As my blog is about Chinese Medicine Food therapy, evidently I have an interest in food and taste.

The tissue is muscle: My body type is also more fleshy/muscular and compact, unlike a body type that is more bony or angular.

The taste is sweet: I tend to crave sweets, especially if I am feeling stressed or overworked.

The color is yellow: My complexion has yellowish undertones, and no, it’s not just because of my racial background! Not all Chinese people have distinct yellowish skin tones, and some non-Chinese people have more yellowish complexions than others.

The sound is singing: When my friends imitate me, they always have a singsong tone to their voice.

The odour is fragrant:common question I get from people is “What perfume are you wearing?”, even when I’m not using any scented lotions, soaps or shampoos. I’m also really drawn to fragrant things like flowers and food.

The emotion is Worry: If you know me, you know that I worry. A lot.

The season it governs is Late Summer and the environment is”damp”: In the late months of summer, the weather tends to be more humid. This association determines whether you have an aversion or attraction to this kind of weather. Damp weather is not my friend.

The developmental stage is transformation: Transformation relates to creativity, and turning ideas into reality. It took me 2 years to finally sit down and create this blog, so as you can see, transformation is one of my greatest challenges. On the flip side, creative projects are the most energizing and fulfilling activities for me, as I like to write music, poetry, and create recipes. I also like to see my patients transform into more of who they want to be, and it’s a great feeling to know that I’ve helped them in some way,

The direction is “center”: The centre direction as a lot to do with “feeling centered” or “balanced”, and being the “middleman”. Everything I do is an effort to maintain balance; within myself, within a group, and in an argument. The center can also refer to the centre of the body, the abdomen, which relates to my interest in food and nourishment.

I realize that this is a deterministic perspective on our mind and body, but making connections between the time you were born and your tendencies can be a good way to understand why your body goes through the things that it does. For example someone who was born from 5-7am (metal time) may primarily have skin, constipation or breathing issues.  While treating a patient born at 11pm- to 3am, I will take special care in working with their Liver and Gallbladder, as these organs may be the root cause of their diseases. This information can inform us how to respect the uniqueness of our bodies and minds, so we can balance ourselves accordingly to maintain good health. It can also help you choose the kinds of flavours and foods that nourish your root energy.

You may  experience the characteristics of the other organs at different times of your life, but the time that you were born indicates your root energy. So even though I have the Spleen energy as my root, I may possibly experience lung issues, but it would be considered a “branch” symptom that stems from my root, which can probably be cured through treating my spleen.

Lastly: This organ clock can also help you guide your hourly activities. You can optimize your day if you choose activities that are governed by the pertaining organ.

So what about you? What time were you born? Can you relate to that hour’s associations?



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