Peanut butter and banana toast
Peanut butter and banana toast

I’ve been itching to start this blog since 2013, when I first started working as a student practitioner at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Fast forward to 2015.  I am finally scratching that itch.

Dietary advice is a valuable form of therapy.  When my patients and I analyzed how their diet was affecting their health, they would usually make simple changes to their eating habits and food choices. I noticed that simple dietary adjustments sped up the patients “get-well” process remarkably, and the positive results of the treatments lasted longer for those who ate mindfully.

So this blog is for anyone who loves food, and wants to learn about the health benefits of food from a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) perspective.That way, you can choose foods and recipes that nourish your body’s specific needs.

For example, who knew the Raspberries that you had at lunch would help you boost your libido? From a TCM viewpoint, raspberries boost the Yang energy of our kidneys, the organ responsible for our sex drive. Yang energy is fiery, and ignites energy (Qi) movement in the body. And so when we eat raspberries, the yang energy of the food can excite our kidney organ and cause heightened libido.

I’ll be posting recipes and their therapeutic properties from a Chinese medicine perspective at least once a week.

Stay tuned!



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